Houston DWI Lawyer Reviews

If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving in Texas, you could lose your driver’s license, your job, and be facing some serious jail time. You should never face the Texas Criminal Justice System without an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Online Lawyer Review Websites and Directories

Some online review websites are more reliable than others, but many of them share the same faults. The good thing about online review websites is that you have a chance to read real feedback from actual clients. Before the internet it was extremely difficult to get unbiased feedback from past customers of any service business. Today it is as easy as doing a Google search for “service name – review.”

However, you should be aware that “reviews” can be purchased or outsourced on websites like: fiverr.com, odesk.com, and elance.com. Additionally, many review websites or directories are little more than paid services where a practioner can pay to be listed as one of the Top 10 Services in City. And the top positions usually cost more than the lower positions.

Taking all of that into account, I still believe that doing a little online research before hiring a DWI Lawyer could be a good idea.

Where to Find Houston DWI Lawyer Reviews

There are a few websites that specifically review DWI Attorneys in Houston, TX. Let’s discuss each of them.

The Texas State Bar Attorney Profile

How to search an attorney on the Texas State Bar Website

How to search an attorney on the Texas State Bar Website

This is probably the most reliable place to start your online research for a Houston DWI Criminal Defense Attorney. You will not find any reviews in the traditional sense, but you will find a lot of great information about the attorney’s practice history, education, and training.

The Attorney’s Social Media Website

Many Texas Lawyers have social media accounts like: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and a Google Plus page for their law firm. Facebook allows users to post reviews to Facebook Business pages.

FB Review No Comments

Facebook Law Firm reviews with no comments.


FB Review w commnets

Facebook Law Firm reviews with comments.

The first law firm has 4 reviews, and they are all 5 star reviews without any added commentary. This nets the attorney a grade of 5.0 out of a possible 5. This is a bit suspect. Are these people past clients, or are the reviews just friends of the attorney? Are these reviewers even real people?

It’s really anyone’s guess. These reviews could be completely legit or totally fake. Welcome to the internet.

The bottom law firm has 71 reviews and most of them have insightful commentary. Some of those reviews even have “likes” and comments. Again, these could be just as fake as the top law firm reviews, but I feel much more comfortable with the bottom law firm than I do with the top firm’s reviews. Additionally, you may just find one of your Facebook friends in one of those 71 reviews of the bottom law firm. From there it’s very easy to contact the reviewer and get more information.

Google Plus also has a review section under the “About” tab on a law firm’s Google Plus Business Page. However, many people believe that Linkedin.com has some of the most reliable reviews of any social media website.

linkedin houston dwi lawyer reviews

Click to see LinkedIn Reviews

Most of the reviews on LinkedIn tend to be peer reviews of the Lawyer and many people believe that they are more credible than the average online social media review. You may have to be logged in to your LinkedIn account to actually view the Recommendation section of the attorney’s profile.

Popular Lawyer Review Websites

The most popular lawyer review website is currently avvo.com. Avvo.com offers lawyers the opportunity to list their law firm on the site for free, but there is also a paid aspect to avvo.com, which is common with most search engines and directory sites. See below.

avvo listings

avvo.com offers both paid listings and free listings.

Avvo.com is still a good place to find information about your attorney’s practice history and any possible accolades.

Yelp.com and Thumbtack.com are not dedicated lawyer review websites, but you will find directory listings and reviews of attorneys that are quite similar to those found on avvo.com.

More Information

If you would like to speak to an attorney about your drunk driving charges, call Matt DeLuca, J.D. at 713-429-4400.