Cost of a DWI Lawyer in Houston, TX

The fees that each law firm charges for handling your DWI case will vary in accordance with:

  1. Your lawyer’s level of experience, specialization, and reputation within the industry.
  2. The facts surrounding your case, the severity of the offense, and the complexity of the required defense strategy can all cause variations in billing practices.
  3. The amount of time the Law Firm must devote to your case (gathering documents and evidence, multiple court appearances), may also affect the cost of your legal defense.

General Info About Houston DWI Lawyer Costs

Some lawyers will charge you an hourly rate to handle your DWI Case. Most lawyers charge more for hours spent in the court room than hours spent working on your case outside of the court room. Some lawyers will charge a flat fee to handle your DWI case and some lawyers will employ a combination of a set fee schedule augmented by hourly rates depending on the nature of  your case.

In general, the more experienced an attorney is, the higher the lawyer fees will be. However, many clients are reluctant to base their legal defense decisions solely on cost. Click here to read a list of a few issues that you should consider when choosing a DWI Criminal Defense Law Firm.

Without knowing your specific set of facts, it is difficult to estimate exactly how much your legal defense will cost. Many lawyers will give you a free consultation, and you may be  able to get a better feel for how much your legal defense will cost.

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How Much Does a Good DWI Lawyer Cost? – Informative Video

For your educational value, we have provided an informative video that was prepared by KAGS News, with whom we have no affiliation. The following video is not legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. The real cost of DWI can be demonstrated by the effect it has on all involved. Our law firm can help you determine the financial cost of a DWI Attorney in Houston, but we always advise against drinking and driving.